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Hillsides (2024) will resonate deeply with fans of intimate indie folk-rock; drawing inspiration from artists like Postdata, Kathleen Edwards, Bon Iver and Manchester Orchestra. The music’s driving melodies, poetic lyricism and atmospheric instrumentation intertwine and create an emotionally charged journey that lingers with listeners long after the final notes fade away. Written during what songwriter, Sara MacDonald, described as a “growth phase”; Hillsides reminds us that strength and beauty emerge from life’s most challenging moments. From health scares to a child’s Autism diagnosis, to the loss of a loved one, the august arrival’s songs are an honest and vulnerable examination of change, loss, longing, and finally appreciation.

Hillsides yearns to be heard; with evocative lyrics, captivating melodies, and creative production, the album evokes powerful emotions, leaving listeners with a sense of catharsis and a renewed appreciation for the transformative power of self-reflection, honesty, and music.


On All Blue and Gold (2021), the august arrival merges a modern soundscape and acoustic instrumentation. Electric guitars and synths blend with cello, accordion, zither, and layered percussion. Sara MacDonald's voice is clear and intimate while being surrounded by lush harmonies, yet the sound never strays too far from its acoustic upbringings and focus on songwriting. "The Ghost" showcases where most songs start for the august arrival. A stripped-down, intimate acoustic track with a haunting melody and vocal take that causes one to wonder if you should feel a bit guilty for eavesdropping on someone's reflective private moment.


Skylines Goodbyes" (2011) is the august arrival's debut EP.  This EP was created through the collaborative efforts of Sara MacDonald, Mike Vandermark, and Phil MacDonald, who undertook the entire production process from writing to recording and mixing in the comfort of their home.

Despite its origins in a home studio, "Skylines Goodbyes" showcases a remarkable blend of acoustic sounds and MacDonald's signature poetic lyricism. The EP delivers a captivating listening experience, marked by beautifully crafted melodies and emotionally resonant vocals. This EP serves as a testament to the creative potential of independent artists who are willing to explore and learn the intricacies of music production while staying true to their artistic vision.

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