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"Crafting well composed, intimate, even mystical folk rock, leaving the listener simultaneously feeling there & everywhere."                                                                                 - earshot-distro



    Described as “well composed, intimate, even mystical folk rock”, the august arrival unearths something within the listener. It conjures up a personalized sentiment that has the listener returning to find more of themselves. A prominent review called it “music to get lost in” but, the august arrival is also music that helps one find oneself.

    Led by Yukon songwriter and vocalist Sara MacDonald, the august arrival is a solo project supported by friends. Over thirteen years, it has incorporated live and recording contributions from an array of musicians who slide in and out of the lineup. This list includes Jordy Walker, Tara Martin, Erica Mah,      Darcy McCord, Micah Smith, Michael Vandermark, Phil MacDonald, Dorothy Williams, Odette Burns and Bethan Davies.

    The august arrival's latest release, Hillsides (2024) will resonate deeply with fans of the initiate indie folk-rock genre; it is an album that yearns to be heard. Hillsides' evocative lyrics, captivating melodies and creative production evoke powerful emotions, leaving listeners with a sense of catharsis and renewed appreciation for the transformative power of self-reflection, honesty and music. The august arrival's previous release, All Blue and Gold (2021), charted nationally on campus and community radio, reaching as high as #7 on Earshot’s National Folk/Roots/Blues chart and spending a total of fifteen weeks charting on stations across Canada. 

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