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"The voice of lead singer Sara MacDonald is obviously strong but what really makes her standout is the passion behind the songwriting"

-Laura Stanley, Grayowl Point Review

Yukon-based band the august arrival is the soundtrack you want on headphones as you take a long walk through the forest. Winter or summer; it's "music to get lost in."


Since its inception, the band's sound has centered around the songwriting of Sara MacDonald, which one reviewer noted as being "laced with a wisdom that comes from experience without being bitter." Each song harbours a passion; confessions of the most human thoughts or feelings. It is in this lyrical honesty that listeners find a sense of comfort—disarmed by the universality of many of life's questions and feelings.


On All Blue and Gold, the august arrival merges a modern soundscape and acoustic instrumentation. Electric guitars and synths blend with cello, accordion, zither, and layered percussion. Sara MacDonald's voice is clear and intimate while being surrounded by lush harmonies, yet the sound never strays too far from its acoustic upbringings and focus on songwriting. "The Ghost" showcases where most songs start for the august arrival. A stripped-down, intimate acoustic track with a haunting melody and vocal take that causes one to wonder if you should feel a bit guilty for eavesdropping on someone's reflective private moment.

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